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Bosch face
Leonardo copy

Copy of Cecilia Gallerani by Leonardo, painted around 1490.

Copy of detail from 'Virgin on the Rocks' by Leonardo, painted around 1505-1508.

Realisation in oil of the only portrait or self-portrait of Hieronymus Bosch, (1450-1516) Finished 10.8.15. (Click to read).

'Study of Leonardo da Vinci' - June 2010. Oil on canvas, 11" x 8".



elodie portrait small
My brother Harold Spence, died age 71 in 2011. Oil on chalk-gesso prpared wood panel. 50cm x 40cm. Elodie Bouffard, my close friend and model. Finished early 2019. Oil on wood panel, 50cm x 40cm.