Welcome to the blog of Peter Purcell Spence, I’m a secular humanist, a socialist, a naturalist and like one of my literary favourites, Christopher Hitchens, an anti-theist.

I’m a contemporary fine-artist, living in France and painting in a broadly ‘allegorical’ style. My technique is strongly influenced by renaissance painters like Bosch, Jan Van Eyck, Holbein, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Leonardo, Caravaggio and quite a few more.

I’m primarily concerned with justice, though not in an ‘eye for an eye’ sense. My gallery is here I guess what I do might be termed ‘narrative’, I think that there is a place for a new look at allegorical painting when all around people are looking to give value to their lives by finding their ‘roots’. Allegory can help in this search as layers of the ‘onion of life’ are peeled away and some semblances of truth, relevant to the painter’s/viewer’s life are gradually revealed.


Portraiture is beginning to play an increasingly important and enjoyable part in my oeuvre and I hope to add quite a few fresh subjects to my gallery, over the next year.

I aim to have something interesting to say now and again but I paint a lot, often there aren’t enough hours left in the day to write here.

To see what I haveĀ  to say about my paintings and how they were made, click on ‘The Paintings explained’. The other links are largely about political, social and philosophical ideas.

Finally, the painting above is a hinged triptych based on a poem by WW1 war poet Captain Wilfred Edward Salter Owen called ‘Spring Offensive’. This photo is of the inner panel and the poem, to see the outer panels visit ‘Spring Offensive’, outer panels.

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3 thoughts on “Bienvenue

  1. Hi Lizzie, thought that I’d responded to you, I aim to have exhibitions in the future but there is no point in having them in rural France. I have a bigger plan long-term.

  2. I really enjoyed looking at all your art work, Pete. There are so many stunning pieces. The elephant is beautiful and your nude drawings and shapes are stunning. I really liked the bell as it has a haunting quality for me. Are you having any exhibitions? I think that would be great to go to.
    Love Lizzie X

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