‘Bedroom tax’ – discriminates against disabled people.

Living here in the countryside it is easy to forget the vomit inducing machinations of politicians in the UK and I don’t really want to pollute my ‘arty’ blog with the names of people I would cross the road to avoid. However an attack on the seriously disabled can’t be ignored, in the UK there seems to be a certain type of right of centre and very privileged politician who seems determined to make the lives of seriously disabled people even more difficult.
The decision by the Law Lords on 30.7.13 to back the UK government’s ‘BEDROOM TAX’ is breathtaking in its callousness, it should be common sense that people with serious disabilities are exempt from this tax (policy from now on) but no – business as usual for IDS, Cameron and Clegg. Screw those least able to defend themselves even though the saving in money from implementing this policy will hardly be noticeable, the damage to the lives of those affected will be massive though, the personal grief and probable health problems caused to disabled people by this, will be serious in terms of individual stress, pain, physical and mental and in extra cost to the health service.
The short sightedness of this policy is just another example of well educated but rather dim and vision-less ‘career politicians’, playing around at the edge of politics, instead of having the guts to really make some serious changes, to the way that society in the UK functions and for the benefit of all.
In my imagination, I see heads on spikes, sadly this will never happen in my lifetime, the time for a revolution is not now but the UK is a 1st world country, the year is 2013, how as leaders of UK plc, do they sleep at night, when they pick on people with serious disabilities, to make shallow political points?

Cameron, Clegg etc. you are political pygmies, your epitaphs on the pages of political history will be brief unless your heads really do end up on spikes! And you Cameron, the father of a seriously disabled child (sadly deceased), you really should have learnt something but you are apparently as dim as you look!


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