Pablo Picasso_Guernica

Guernica is probably on balance, the greatest painting of the 20th century both in terms of content and also in style, summing up as it were a new age in painting. I believe beyond that it can also lay claim to being one of the greatest paintings of all time and can be considered alongside paintings by Bosch, Van Eyck, Carravagio, Vermeer and other Renaissance masters.

Guernica is a small Basque town, it was bombed to hell and back in 1937 by the combined military airforces of Germany and Italy following a request from the Spanish Nationalist government of the time. Guernica was truly ‘blitzed’ and we must never forget the Guernicas of history, lest we repeat the horrors of that day, it was bombed not because of any military value but to ‘silence’ the voice of protest from the region.

Picasso’s painting (it is truly an awe inspiring thing to see) was a direct response to what he saw as an attack on ‘humanity’, especially women and children. Picasso mated style with substance so perfectly in this painting and that is why it will continue to speak to future generations; not to the cerebraly blind though.



Presently and for many years since the scandalous sale of the nation’s utilities, the suppliers of public transport, the water companies, the gas and electricity companies and the communications suppliers have frequently and continuously raised prices and tariffs to eventually make life quite miserable for many families in the UK. Where once after all the bills had been paid, the food bought and petrol was put in the nation’s fuel tanks there was something left over to treat the kids or have a meal in a restaurant, now there is little or nothing left and one is left wondering what the future holds as bills will continue to rise due to the impotence of the government.

But that doesn’t tell half the story, the government of any persuasion is quite happy for this situation to continue, it brings in huge tax revenue. If Cameron was a cheese he’d be a Camembert left out in the Sahara to melt, bubble in the heat and sweat away to oblivion, political history will surely record blank pages for the bland premiership of David Cameron. He’s a podgy faced, posh boy of little substance, short on grey matter and balls and hugely unfit to be the Prime minister of the U.K. as is Clegg unfit to be his deputy.

Millibland offers a price freeze for the future if his government gains office again. How’s this for a radical idea? How about starting a new energy company and cutting the prices to cost, It wouldn’t need a re-nationalisation and thus all those micro-capitalist, so in love with the system that rapes their bank balances on a daily basis wouldn’t wet themselves. The government could simply set up a rival energy company and with its buying power could buy the raw materials at a discount and undercut the present suppliers, the current suppliers would have to lower prices or go out of business quickly, the latter I hope.
If the government won’t step up to the plate, then a market is there for a rich and brave enough entrepreneur to step up and become a national hero.
How long will it be before there is action on this matter?


Dear God!

Just for the record I’m not a believer, just an expression and it takes a lot to shock me but where is the humanity in this story?

Not my favourite daily read as the Mail is generally a laughably badly written conglomeration of confused right wing thinking and schoolboy grammar. The ‘journalists’ comprehension of their own language tells you a lot about how seriously they take their own profession, truly risible.
Whatever the calamitous effect of the Mail’s hacks on the veracity of their articles, even their worst efforts can’t hide the horror of the inhumanities here. It is painful to read, that a man should pick his friends brains up, find his friends legs in a tree, nobody should have to suffer the life long mental scars that such unreal horrors will scorch onto the brain of ‘Marine B’.