Once again the political ‘elite’ prove that nothing has changed for them, history teaches them nothing.

Whilst the likes of myself, a humble painter, honour the memory, the sacrifice and the story of the 1st. World War as told by Wilfred Owen and his fellow selfless brave soldiers. Michael Gove, yet another privileged, over educated, puffy – putty faced, air headed, cretinous bureaucrat,  masquerading as political intelligentsia, steps into a shit filled toilet of his own design by criticising ‘Black Adder’, for its portrayal of the relationship between the often uncaring and unsympathetic C.O.s of the time and the foot soldiers of the 1st. World War.

That war served really to settle nothing more than the long standing disputes between the fragile egos of upper class European families and their servile political dogs of which Gove, Cameron, Clegg and Boris Johnson are in this year of remembrance of the outbreak of that war, timely reminders of.

Gove, crawl back under your stone and stay there, surely to be Minister of Education, you need to not only have read history but to understand and learn from it! For you Gove – patriotism, honour and courage are words, never in the history of mankind have your sort ever entered the field of battle, instead you stand at the sides asphyxiating on the oranges shoved into your gaping mouths by your misguided sycophant disciples. You stand there believing you have a right to destroy the lives of millions to serve your own crumbling, shallow career. You defile the memory of those who died in that war – button it!