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More than a fag paper

The rot set in about fifteen years ago for me when Blair jumped into bed with his fellow religionist Bush. Bush and Blair, Blair and Bush a comedic duo, hardly although Bush gave us many giggles with his ‘Bushisms’ It took ten of those years for me to realise that there is little difference between the tories, labour and the lib-dems. A joint move to the political centre, the victory of career politics over conviction politics and the lack of invention from the dullards in Parliament cemented my belief that Britain needs a revolution of the mind and spirit and the voter needed to tear down the old class based Parliament and create a progressive, just, liberal and prosperous society working for the people and no longing serving the political/financial elite, represented by the current leading parties and the banks and their owners.
However on one issue you CAN insert more than a fag paper between labour and the tories! If you care about nothing else but animal welfare, then vote firstly Green but then Labour! Hard to believe that this sorry shower of shite (sorry – shadow of its former self) party has anything left to offer but if they win the next election they promise to tackle cruelty in circuses, puppy farms, on shooting estates and also end the culling of badgers.
The still blood thirsty tories however promise to offer Parliament a ‘free’ vote on hunting with dogs! Me thinks that the tories are a little like religionists, as society seeks to move forward into a progressive, educated, free thinking liberal future, religionists and tories alike seek to drag it back into the dark ages. I wonder sometimes where we would be technologically without the church, it’s hard to say and would the Renaissance ever have happened? That’s for another blog.


Will it ever end?

So in an extraordinary move the ‘Muslim Action Forum, on 8.2.2015
march with ten thousand other Muslims in London to protest
against the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who were slaughtered by
terrorists of the same Islamic faith for drawing cartoons
of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed!
Yes the protesting Muslims have the right to free speech, the
right to protest, that’s a freedom that is their right under law
in many Western democracies, a right that would be denied and
ruthlessly suppressed in many Muslim countries. How ironic! I
hope that they don’t think the majority of free thinking
inhabitants of the U.K. share their misguided attitude towards
freedom of thought and speech.

If you have special beliefs then you must provide special evidence
for your beliefs, if you want special privileges then don’t
hide behind a medieval faith that has no proof for your god’s
existence and expect to pass through life demanding that your views
be taken seriously, on pain of death, without question.

Your religion is ridiculed because like all the other ‘historic
world faiths’ its history is littered with torture, maiming,
suppression of action and thought, threats and death. Your religion
is ridiculed because a central tenant of your faith is to proselytise
and such a belief needs to be challenged as that tenant challenges
all the freedoms that the West’s democracies have spent centuries
creating and then balancing one against another.

Ridicule is one of the finest ways of challenging nonsense,
don’t expect special privileges if you have religious faith
above and beyond the rights of those who don’t share your faith.

But don’t think my ire is reserved for radicalised Islam. The Pope,
that puppet of the religious Mafia in the Vatican, knows he is doing
nothing to help us all get along, when in his mealy mouthed words,
‘insult my mother and I will punch you’, he sides with the Islamic
murderers who gunned down the brave cartoonists and journalists in
the Charlie Hebdo offices, seeking an ally in the face of increasing
disbelief in the supernatural.

He pretends to want religious tolerance for all when in fact he wants
the freedom for HIS faith to continue to preach Catholicism,
unchallenged in the poorest, uneducated ghettos of the world, where
the only semblance of hope might be an invisible ‘guardian’. Under the
Catholic faith, an innocent baby is deemed a ‘sinner’ – original sin –
from the moment of birth and that doctrine is the absolute root of
Catholicism and Catholic guilt and it is a scandal. How can the world’s
poorest babies ever be ‘sinners’? Why is their suffering brushed aside
for later, when the indoctrination has had time to work its poison, on
their young minds and satisfy the Catholic faiths lust for human suffering?

The Pope – God’s ’emissary’ on earth ………..does the Pope have
nothing better to talk about in his chats with his god than condoms
and cartoons? What about asking for a cure for various cancers or a
change of government in countries like North Korea where on a daily
basis ‘god’s creations’ are treated in the most inhumane manner.
Just how stupid do you have to be to continue to believe in this man
made mind shackle?

One final thing Pope, atheists couldn’t care less whether or not we will
gain entry to heaven, for atheists the place exists only in the imagination
of you and your followers. Ah bloody men!