The end is nigh – AGAIN!

Oh woe is me, I’ve spent most of my life not believing religious bullshit and now I’m going to be punished, at least according to the purveyors of religious bullshit. Yet another sign that the ‘end times’ (belly laugh) are here – again, annoying as the religious nut-jobs are, at least this story is good for a laugh. In spite of all we know about eclipses and why they occur, there are those who would claim religious magic as the cause, it beggars belief really, you have to feel sorry and embarrassed for them.

Huff Post Article

Hasn’t it occurred to these pastors that many people might not be aware of, or see the eclipse because of weather conditions, are they still subject to the ‘end times’? It’s all so silly, childish really and sometimes hard to believe that we live in 2015 and not 1515.