Return of the Caliphate

Return of the Caliphate

As an anti-theist, the rise of religious fundamentalism is very worrying to me. I had to address this issue in a painting.
The title refers to the rise of Muslim fundamentalism and specifically ‘Daesh’ and their current badly challenged expanding Caliphate. But the painting isn’t an anti Muslim rant, although I reference ‘#jesuischarlie’ in the painting, it is a much broader mocking of mono-theism, Catholicism, Christianity, strict Judaism, Islam and the many others such as Mormonism and Scientology.
Mono-theism is represented in the painting by the ridiculous cyclopic bird, its blinkered vision emphasised by the captive rusting mono-track rail line it uses to wobble around its bullshit world. Contrasting this, a female nude represents knowledge, beauty and truth and all that is untainted by the ‘great’ religion’s poison.


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