Réflexions sur ma vie No. 4 _ ‘Renaissance de moi’.

Renaissance de moi

Well I’m always at the centre of my paintings in some way, its why I paint, I can’t just paint someone’s dog or face, there has to be a meaning behind what I paint, the subject matter’s deeper meaning is what motivates me, even through long periods of ill health. The subject in this painting one of my favourites – is finding a way forward through painting/ drawing which is exactly and unexpectedly what occurred in my life, so the painting is a rebirth but as I have many interests it is a little more complicated than that. Obviously the eggs have to hatch into something, those nuts and bolts (which represent my lifelong interest in all things mechanical), what are they therefore, do they suggest what has hatched is perhaps Superman? Is it a human a robot? Perhaps our/my future as a cyborg and what does the desert fort represent, it’s decaying, (a general theme in my paintings) but retains some semblance of its former impressive self. Me I guess, hanging on by my finger nails, that’s how it feels some days.

I painted this using no solvents, I used the C.S.O. method developed by Louis Velasquez Calcite sun oil it’s a method very much for the artist who enjoys the ‘craft’ of painting, realising that the craft and the technique are the solid foundation for the creativity. It is of course the philosophy that underpins the technique of all the great masters from the Renaissance to Dali and on.
Sadly many art courses have lost the plot and teach artists very little of the real skill of painting or drawing. There are a number of famous exceptions, here are two The Art League – New York _ Florence art school much as I like Louis’ method I’ve also used the mediums made by Alchemist Mediums.

I somewhat like A.M.’s mediums but I prefer the C.S.O. painting method and the wonderful way it enables paint to flow onto the canvas, the finished paint film has a wonderful richness to it and real depth, never equalled by any other mediums that I’ve used. It is the addition of chalk in my view that gives the depth and the lustre to the paint film, it’s unlike any other additive.



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