Return to health? Life, painting follows.

For the first time in ages I’ve been able to do what I love doing most which is to paint, not a lot to ask you would think but everyday when your feet jump around remorselessly and mercilessly, you feel cold and tremble, you have no energy, long term health problems have stolen my usually irrepressible spirit and left me feeling a little depressed. Anyway some good news is that after months of self medicating and applying my own bandages, compresses etc. things seem to settling down neurologically and I’ve been at my easel trying to catch up on lost time.
Though not painting, I’ve been drawing and sketching ideas for next year and keeping an eye on the politicians who are most likely to get us into serious trouble. Trump and the G.O.P. seem to be at the head of this box of snakes but in England the Tories are hard at it trying to drag England back to a time before the second world war when the working class doffed their hats to their ‘betters’ and ‘knew their place’.
Along has come Jeremy Corbyn to throw a spanner into the works of this plan and the few who own England really don’t like him, as like Sanders in America he represents real change and an end to the plan. All the knives are drawn in the Tory media to finish him off quickly but much closer to home too, the Cuckoos (as I call them) in the Labour Party, the Tory eggs, cached there to surface on such an occasion are moving to finish Corbyn off and make it look at the same time like the natural machinations of the left.
The Cuckoos are the career politicians who see their bright futures dimmed by actually having to care about their constituents and do some real work, all this real politicking is getting in the way of things, an eventual solution to this may be the de-selection of the likes of Simon Danczuk and Jess Phillips or hopefully the forming of a new ‘progressive’ labour party minus the baggage of the Blairites, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and the rest of their sour faced ilk. See if anyone votes for them in their own ‘elite’ party.
The political financial elite who own the media are going to do everything they can to fight this new push from progressives but they may this time have under-estimated the number of people who feel disenfranchised by politics and are waiting to join a movement that represents their progressive feelings. Progressives are essentially humanists where the state is secular and justice for all is paramount. The welfare state is the bedrock of a just and forward looking society, the N.H.S. provides the health care necessary to maintain the work force of this society and a revised education system elevates young minds to realise their potential, presently buried under the current system.
I hope Labour can rebuild under Corbyn as a progressive party where intellect and nuanced ideas are prominent in deciding how to create a just society that is inclusive for all, and in so doing build a new interest in politics and encourage the voter participate in shaping their own futures.
More important than that is that I see an improvement in my health and I can get back to painting as before, non-stop everyday – almost.


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