Sanders #Feel the Bern

With Bernie Sanders’ authentic voice leading corporate stooge Hillary Clinton in recent Iowa and New Hampshire polls, the mainstream, cable and printed press black outs on Sanders’ campaign are lifting. Sanders is also rapidly gaining on Clinton in Vermont, the state where he is governor. However, now that the blackout by Fox, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, Huffington Post and The Washington Post etc. has inevitably begun to lift, their disbelief is compounded by their ignorance of the reason for his cream like rise to the top of this weeks political milk.

Sanders’ strength is that he isn’t ‘one of the others’, he isn’t bought and paid for by wealthy donors, he has financed his campaign from voter donations, small amounts from a large number of committed voters. They recognise the authenticity of Sanders’ ideology, he will break up the banks, he will strengthen the principle of health care for all, he will take on Wall St. and not be their lackey like Hillary Clinton, he will scrap tuition fees and introduce many more measures to make America a fairer society for all.

Despite Trumps’ appeal being similar to Sanders, in that he too is not one of the establishment, Trump appeals to a finite voting pool, the fearful, the greedy, the religious extremists, the racists, the nationalists and bigots. Sanders can continue to grow though, as the message spreads and news outlets can no longer ignore the fact that a Social Democrat is a serious candidate for the American Presidency.
Much as they would love to just bury him in an avalanche of negative allegations of communist leanings, impossible to finance schemes and if those don’t work, sleaze and corruption, the corporate media can’t. Bernie is a formidable, straight talking intellect, he answers questions and he is clean as a whistle.
I can only dream that Sanders will be the next President but at least, the genie is out of the bottle now and the corporate media and press have egg on their faces, once again.


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