Hillsborough and The S*n

If there is perhaps one thing that matters to me more than art in the broad sense of the word, our unique creativity, our ability to reinvent and to renew ourselves continually, it might be justice, the fight to get it and maintain its position as the thing to fight for. It embodies empathy, respect, integrity, our humanity and how we care about each other. So today when that vile tabloid rag, fit usually for wiping one’s arse with, ‘The S*n’, fails to mention Hillsborough, you know that they and all that tabloid journalism represents doesn’t understood one thing more about justice today than it did all those years ago.

Justice might come in the shape of prosecutions against individuals, who have slandered the fans and families that were there that day and subsequent well publicised negative remarks aimed at Liverpool by the likes of Boris Johnson, that bungling power crazed fraud. It might come in the form of public humiliation, although a lot of these creatures are like particularly well feathered ducks.

MacKenzie, Thatcher, Murdoch, Ingham, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Brian Coleman, all tories, Coleman apparently of a religious persuasion – when it suits. All have commented negatively on the disaster and the likes of Coleman, a convicted thug, (assault on an innocent member of the public) and MacKenzie still like to stir the pot when their profile needs a lift. They are all to a man/women cowards, hiding behind the shirt tails of their lawyers but no one is afraid, as another layer of the onion of truth is slowly unwrapped, the tory scum have nothing let to fight with except lies and deflections of that inevitable truth.

And those of you who claim some religious belief might like to think upon the outcome of your own ‘Last Judgement’. Particularly you Coleman, there is a lot under your bonnet that needs a good tune up before you shake off your mortal coil..


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