#brexit – as I write this, the Adagietto (sehr langsam) from Mahler’s 5th is echoing through the wings of my imaginary palace, funereal music seems appropriate, I’m ashamed of my country this day. #brexit is a leap into a deep, stagnant pond of ignorance, intolerance and the repression of hard won rights. #brexit is a vote against the future of Britain’s young people. From Europe, Britain now looks irrelevant as a business force. How ignorant – the #brexiters!

So you’ve bought into the fear sowed by Murdoch and the tory press, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, the rags that spout division, if you subscribe to their agenda you have stolen a generation’s chance to elevate themselves above the ordinary. To live in a progressive country where the intellect is valued and supported by an education system that continually monitors itself. You fuckin’ idiots, you #brexit shitters, you’ve effectively voted for a right wing government led most likely by Johnson, that impotent clown, hell bent on privatising the health service, wrecking what remains of the welfare state, under funding education and returning the country to a pre World War 1 society. A society where you doffed your cap to your boss and ‘knew your place’.

From here Britain now looks like a rather small, sad and irrelevant island wallowing in its own ignorance and fear, afraid to embrace the changing world, instead of being there to shape it, you think that you can turn back the clock, to some utopian past that never existed, you’ve lost the chance to embrace the future and in so doing have created massive instability in Europe. After these seventy years of peace in Europe, division, fear, xenophobia and the threat of fascism are on the rise. I just hope when the time comes, that the heads of those on the chopping blocks of history, are the main characters in this sorry play.
I hope that the puppeteers rue this day.