In denial! The festering prejudice of so called liberals.

I want to speak of a recent experience of how prejudice finally ended a failing friendship. I’d known two folks for quite a while, both claimed to have liberal credentials but early on in the friendship I smelt a rat when it came to black people or Jewish people. One of them, who had quite a ‘know it all’ but fearful, paranoid personality had grown up in Brooklyn and claimed to know everything about life there, of course the world has moved on but he hadn’t. Anti-Semitism was an issue in denial.
Simultaneously dismissive of the Germans too, they regarded them as currently being a malevolent force in Europe, too economically powerful and arrogant as a country. In fact when I look back I should have detached myself much earlier, but they did have some good qualities and I tried to see the positive rather than the negative.
I noticed that their language when Jewish people in particular were mentioned was always disrespectful, pushing the limit of what they knew would be acceptable to me. Jewish people were always ‘Jews’, practically spat out, never referred to respectfully as the ‘The Jews’ or better still, ‘Jewish people’. This is not a matter of political correctness but one of nuance of thought and language, if you claim to be liberal intellectuals then have ‘respect for your fellow man’ and then ‘political correctness’ is never an issue.
Anti-Semitism is a vile thing but more so when it extends to holocaust denial, one evening I nearly choked on my dinner while eating their food when they remarked that they believed that ‘only’ 3,000,000 Jewish folks and others were killed in the holocaust. I kid you not when I say that the word ‘only’ was used as an acceptable measure of slaughter for them. According to every current accepted and respected document the figure is double that and using the word ‘only’ justifies nothing at all, least of all such unspeakable slaughter. How anti-Semitic a society is, has become a barometer of how that society treats its minorities and its poor, disabled and sick folk. It is a litmus test for prejudice and you can rest assured that anti-Semites hold similarly negative views towards all other minorities. Indeed, the most obnoxious of the two in conversation with myself recently referred to disabled people as ‘cripples’ despite my known disability. Again this isn’t a matter of political correctness, it is a case of being respectful to your fellow man and speaking of them as they wish to be spoken of. ‘Cripple’ is a biblical term and should be left back in the year dot, sadly the person in question still lives back there somewhere.
So there it was all along – the prejudice under the surface – never more than a conversation away, completely denied when challenged and in this case it is too late for change as the arrogance of feeble personality types can’t stand to acknowledge further flaws.
I don’t think this is a unique case, there are many such folks out there believing that they are respectful of their neighbours and fellow man, when the opposite is the truth. Younger such types can be reasoned with but past a certain age most people are a lost cause and can’t change for the better. Anyway at the first opportunity which I knew would come I ended the ‘friendship’ for good. I can’t be around people like that, they disgust me. By acquiescing to their prejudice I was in fact supporting it.
And that last point is probably the most important to be made here, if you don’t speak up against prejudice and injustice, you are supporting it!