What do endangered species represent?

As in secular life, religionists recognise no barriers when committing atrocities. Whether against our fellow man or against the animal kingdom we ‘protect’, there are no depths to which humankind won’t sink in its desire to satisfy its greed for wealth and power.

In this story

Tiger killing monk

a Thai monk in his search to find his god, trades in tiger parts to aid his transcendental journey. This is more than sad, that a monk, someone who is supposedly seeking a ‘oneness’ with the universe, defiles himself in such a destructive way. What really annoys me is that nature, the animals, our planet, doesn’t belong to anyone. For our own good we must preserve what we have here, otherwise our future will be less wonderful and possibly barren of many large mammals, creatures that bring us so many psychological and material benefits.

I’m happy for people to have personal gods, just stay the fuck out of secular life and support the protection of our planet!


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