Abortion referendum in Ireland

The Irish government has announced that it will hold a referendum on abortion by the end of May. I just find it incredible that in 2018 the Catholic church still has such power in a largely secular country. I have a message for religious control freaks everywhere, stay out of women’s bodies, your made up misogynistic dogma was never acceptable and in the 21st. century is just a lazy, futile attempt, to hold onto what little control you have left over your followers and everyone else alike.

Fear is a great method of controlling populations and the Catholic Church is an accomplished master at this, brain wash children from birth with the idea that they are born sinful and then remind them constantly for the rest of their days that they are sick and need to be made better. I hope that the Irish people will throw off their fear of such nonsense and reject article 40.3.3, the ‘eighth amendment’, since 1983 it has given unborn foetuses and pregnant women an equal right to life, thus enshrining a ban on abortion in the country‚Äôs constitution.

Time to move forward as a nation again Ireland, reject religious control of women en masse.


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