At this point in a painting I have Hope – in that I have the skill to realise my imaginings and doodles that I’ve made.

‘Hope’ though is the somewhat ironic title I chosen for the third and final painting in a series showing the awful abuse of women through the ages, particularly by the powerful Catholic Church, still a vile solution to our wonderings, concerning our origins and our nature.

I don’t have a lot more to say about the injustices of ages gone, so here without further ado is the first stage in this painting.

So the next stage is the under drawing 8.1.2020

22.03.2020 here I am, the under drawing that I made on a white ground I abandoned for various reasons, one was that I was quite ill when I tried to do this and made several errors in position and proportion. So now I repainted the background in my own mix of Vandyke Brown from Ultramarine and Burnt Umber and the under drawing will be in white chalk. Here we are.

Some progress on the grisaille, I’m really enjoying painting this, so far it is relatively simple. The challenge comes with shadows, I usually paint transparent shadows, I hate every shadow to be pitch black, always the mark of a painter who has made a decision to paint like that or a painter who has never realised that, depending on light levels, shadows are often transparent. Sorry if that comes over as if I’m bit of a know it all, I hope I’m not. But the truth often hurts at fist until its veracity is realised, immediately or later.