Rape is wrong, it’s violence against another.

So a Canadian energy company and its hopefully – ex-employee, general manager, Doug Sparrow – depict the rape of Great Thunberg, a young women and climate activist who has done a great deal of good in drawing attention to the impending catastrophe facing the planet. A catastrophe brought on by our previously necessary reliance on fossil fuels.
That reliance is passing, the sooner the better and the depiction of anyone being raped for the crime of standing up to polluters is despicable and cretinous.
It is particularly abhorrent when the victim of this treatment is so young and the Canadian Mounted Police claim the law hasn’t been broken enough to warrant a charge. Let’s see how long that is the case, when politicians get involved and senior police official’s jobs are on the line. From my perspective I would say for a man to think up this idea, he is a misogynist, psychologically sick and probably a sex pest. I hope he doesn’t have children of whatever sex, he needs some prison time and re-education in the ways of the modern world.