So the Saudis

So the Saudis actually kill another county’s citizen while in their ‘care’ and America (particularly Lindsey Graham) whose citizen it was, feigns outrage and does nothing. Imagine if it had been Iran. But of course Iran doesn’t have multi billion dollar arms deals with America. Go figure.


bees make honey, I make art.

I make art. That’s a fact, I haven’t been posting much, mainly because, the weight of what is happening politically has just been crushing this year and I can’t keep up with it. But……..I have been painting, drawing, preparing canvases and planning new projects. I’ve nearly finished the final painting in my trilogy of paintings to commemorate the sacrifice made by the hundreds of thousands of young people during the 1st. World War and in particular to remember the soldier/poet Captain Wilfred Edward Salter Owen. ‘The End’ is nearly finished and will complete the trilogy.

‘Masters of Misogyny’ a large painting for which I designed and had made – by a local artisan – a new easel,

is taking shape.

A lot of work but again this allegorical painting will say a lot about what I think concerning the treatment women suffered and still suffer at the hands of male religious leaders. The injustice was and continues to be real despite the hollow protestations in the West.  I want the religious imagery to resonate with disingenuous apologetics like Matt Slick and William Lane Craig, the likes of Tony Blair, Anne Widdecombe, The Pope and his cronies, the rotund and gormless fake Irishman Bill Donohue of the Catholic League and Islamic preachers and princes alike, all profound misogynists. The list is too long, hopefully the painting will eventually come to their notice.

I’m also working on two portraits of my model Elodie Bouffard, maybe three, two at least will be in the style known as ‘tenebrism’, with an obvious nod to Caravaggio. Still a way to go but it is taking shape nicely.

Planned future painting are ’10 Downing St.’ starring the severed heads of five British Prime-ministers impaled on the 10 Downing St. railings. I may call it Traitors’ Row. I’m sick of these bastards getting into power and doing nothing for the country and its people. I’m thinking particularly of Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron and May, all lying cunts, who betrayed the British people and made themselves and their cronies rich at the electorate’s expense.



As a life long socialist, this is great news to start my day.


Dunkirk 2017

Just watched this film, god that was hard to watch at times. Liked the music score too, interesting combination of an electronically modified orchestra and electronic effects. Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’ was added almost subliminally, clever stuff.


The Matthew Passion

Composed in 1727 Bach’s Passion is at the centre of his great religious works. Undoubtedly a Christian, Bach believed, as far as we can tell, that he was creating music that glorified his god. As an atheist I simply replace ‘religious’ with transcendent, thus apart from the sheer turgid nature of some of the text I can enjoy Bach’s wonderful music without the need to supplicate myself before a mythical super-natural monster. Some have argued that this music simply couldn’t exist without the religion it is pinned to, probably not as the text is at its core, but there are many examples of the transcendent in Bach’s instrumental music, without any such religious text being anywhere in sight, or earshot. Listen here Erbarme dich mein gott  for a truly amazing aria from The Matthew Passion, featuring the contralto Delphine Galou.


special snowflakes

The paintings of Balthus can be thought provoking, particularly those, such as, ‘the guitar lesson’. As adults we can view such images and come to out own conclusions, we really don’t need a group of people who know what is best for us, to gain the upper hand. Thankfully as we can glean from reading the Huff’ Post article

Huff Post

the Metropolitan Museum of Art has ignored their whining and crying and continues to display the Balthus painting, as is their right.

I suppose the painting gives bored, rich people something to talk about, meanwhile artists get on with revealing the difficulties of life and the complexities of the human condition, no matter how unsettling to these ‘snowflakes’.


Musée d’Orsay

So I visited the Musée d’Orsay and whilst looking at a beautiful desert scene ‘Le Sahara’  by Gustave Guillaumet I entered into a brief conversation with a women from the East coast of America and I remarked, ‘it makes you think, doesn’t it?’ ‘Yes’, she replied, ‘that there is something bigger than us’. ‘For me it’s the weight of our common humanity’, I said. She’d moved a little and didn’t hear me.

Later I revisited the moment and despite feeling both humbled and invigorated by a star filled night sky, hoping that one day we can explore there, I knew that the bigger thing for all of us at the moment is our immediate, fragile and dangerous human condition.  When looking to the stars, we should realise that we need to look after each other, or we will never reach our true transcendent potential; we need to invest in our common humanity.


Monumentally stupid

Monumentally stupid is how one could describe Donald Trump but I hate to attach that epithet in a general way to a whole country. However it seems to me that Americans are involved in a giant experiment to deconstruct their country. The latest in a lengthening grubby, scrawled line of policies, returning Americans to a former age and ‘unhindered’ by environmental protections, is the repealing of laws, designed to protect America’s waterways. The EPA, controlled by an arch polluter, Scott Pruitt is to role back The Clean Water Rule, a policy that you would think was eminently sensible.

Environmentally induced cancers and related health problems, affect everyone, including the families of Trump and his administration. President Orange and his wacky cronies don’t even acknowledge the danger to themselves and their families.

How stupid can you be?


Ham salad – sinks!

lol…………Ken Ham’s ridiculous, con job on the folks of Kentucky, sinks into the ocean of creationist lies and delusion. So happy that this happened. You didn’t need to see the future to know that this ‘project’ was going to be a failure, just some common sense would have told you that visiting this place would be a ‘one-off’, much like visiting a freak show in Victorian England.

A legitimate museum, full of facts and verifiable, documented history will be visited time and time again, because people realise that they can actually learn something there. Children in particular wandering through the ‘Ark Encounter’, would have seen through the Creationist BS on display. Forgetting what is inside for a second, it should be sufficient to deter all visitors, when it is known that such a large wooden ship, has already been proven to pull itself apart, due to the forces of waves on its colossal timber structure.


Alien Covenant

Where Prometheus was utterly brilliant, this is dreadful nonsense. From a contrived plot line, a crew that appears to be made up of weak-willed, stupid Christians, zero sympathetic characters and to cap it all a dialogue sound quality, that was probably recorded in the 1950s. What a disappointment.